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Jasmine and Her Sister: Blue Jasmine

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There’s something eerie about Woody Allen’s versatility. While some would be quick to accuse Allen of making the same film over and over again with the same archetypes repeatedly, his ability to oscillate between genres, tones, and moods is astonishing. He can do straight romantic comedy (Scoop), humane dramedy (Annie Hall/Manhattan), laugh out loud absurdity (Love and Death/Bananas), Keaton and Chaplin inspired slapstick (Sleeper), Bergman-esque ruminations on human contact (Another Woman, Interiors, Hannah and Her Sisters, and September), German Expressionist comedies (Shadows and Fog), and even put comedy and tragedy up against one another to juxtapose and complement (Crimes and Misdemeanors/Melinda and Melinda). With his newest film, Blue Jasmine, Allen comes the closest he’s been in years to perfection and the closest he’s come in his career to making a horror film.

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2012 in Film: #57 – Babel

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2012 in Film: #57

Babel (2006) | Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Grade: A-

Thoughts: A beautiful, infuriating, and heartbreaking film about communication. Splendid acting from the ensemble cast. Loved the interwoven plot lines, even though the way that they were connected was a bit predictable.