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3 Films from 2013 I’m Glad I Saw but Never Need to See Again at

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As the end of the year ambushed me, I was worried I would not have enough films to compile a best of list. I saw a bunch of films from 2013 this year, more than I normally do, but not enough of them made a list I felt totally comfortable with. There were, however, a number of films that, while they were by no means my favorite films, were ones I was glad I saw. And ones that I never really wanted to see again. These were films that warranted being seen this year, ones that contributed to the discourse on film, sometimes they pushed the boundaries of filmmaking. And if I didn’t see them, I would feel left out of the conversation, kind of like standing by the water cooler while my friends talk about sports I don’t watch. Luckily, I did see these films, and I did get to participate in some illuminating conversations them. But I don’t think I’ll be sitting down to watch these again anytime soon.

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2012 in Film: #66 – Y Tu Mamá También

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2012 in Film: #66

Y Tu Mamá También (2001) | Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Grade: C

Thoughts: A film that tries so hard to be a mediation on life and pleasure and desire, but comes off as a very bad coming-of-age story where no one actually comes of age. So much teen angst, but none of the tenderness or emotional potency to follow up with it. Its screenplay, despite the interruptions (which are, personally, reminiscent of Wes Anderson), is full of incoherent profanity, that just becomes obnoxious after a half hour.