Day: December 23, 2014

Follow Forever – The Master List 2014

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y’all, and happy other holidays and such,

I don’t really do #FollowFriday on Twitter because, if you’ve known me for even a day or two, I am nothing if not incredibly lazy. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you folks. This year in particular has meant a lot to me, as it’s when I really pushed my writing and made new and exciting friendships and dynamics with people, and strengthened ones with old friends. So, I thank you so much for your kindness and warmth and humor and tolerance. They/you’ve taught me a lot. I’m really honored to have any connection with you people. You truly mean a lot to me. It took me three and a half hours to compile, but here’s a list of my favorite people I follow on Twitter. They are amazing and any combination of funny, witty, strong, brave, intelligent, incisive, stylish, attractive, beautiful, influential, and wonderful. You should follow every one of them. Have a safe and warm holiday!

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