Trashpect Ratio 2 – Eating Raoul

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And onto the second episode, where I was the only person who didn’t like the film. Woe is me.

Trashpect Ratio

EATING RAOUL - American PosterIt’s the ides of September, and Trashpect Ratio has returned for a second helping! There’s lots to chew on as the Trashpectors’ digest Paul Bartel’s black comedy “Eating Raoul” in this months movie club, some finding it easier to swallow than others. But that’s not all there is on the menu, on the side we have a bite-sized talk on box-office, blu rays and british broadcast frequencies. It all adds up to a recipe for one delicious dish, a podcast film feast. Tuck in. Food.

To listen to the episode, click HERE! iTunes link is still coming through, but it should be here for next time.

This Month’s Movie
Eating Raoul

Next Month’s Movie

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