Day: June 10, 2014

We Both Reached for the Gun: Avicii’s “Addicted to You”

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Hey y’all, I wrote about editing, riffing on cinema, and romance in Avicii’s “Addicted to You”.


In some snowy mountainous region, an old Model T drives past as rose red text fades in, playing on the trend of loosely reminiscing to a time when such bombastic fonts were used for movies. A young woman in a bar cleans a table, looking meek. Soon, fitted with a flesh colored beret and a blonde bob to boot, another young woman strides in, and the two catch each other’s eyes if ever so briefly. And then they hold up the bar.

And thus begins the music video for Swedish house producer Avicii’s track “Addicted to You”, a surprisingly competent video that seems less bent on exploiting the lesbian twist on Bonnie and Clyde than one  might think. True to the tone of the music, the video is both soulful and cinematic, taking advantage of the Audra Mae’s vocals and an editing style that walks the line between conventional music…

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