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I really hate doing Follow Fridays on Twitter. Not because I hate people, by any means (that’s a different issue altogether), but because I always feel like I leave someone out or something and then I feel bad. There are so many awesome people on Twitter whom I admire and respect. Also, it’s a freaking chore to do every week. So, instead, I have compiled a list of people I shall, as the post suggests, Follow vForever. You people have taught me so much about film, writing, and also life. About halfway through, I got really lazy, because the list got very long and I am, at heart, a lazy bum. Anyways, have a very Happy New Year. I shall be updating this list every so often and linking to it and such.

@aoscott – A.O. Scott

@salesonfilm – Kristen Sales: One of my gateway drugs into the internet film community.

@Oldfilmsflicker – Marya Gates: The other gateway drug into the internet film community.

@CriterionCast – CriterionCast.Com: For all your Criterion and art house film needs.

@TheRedan3553 – Raquel: The best Twitter wife of all time.

@RyanGallagher – Ryan Gallagher: The man behind Criterion Cast, but also the provider of great geekery and links.

@WoahItsJuanito – Juan Barquin: Acerbic, neurotic, amusing.

@MovieNut14 – Anna: The epitome of snark.

@DavidEhrlich – David Ehrlich: One of the funniest and most astute critics working.

@IAmSamBellToo – Sam Bell: Wonderfully passionate and kind.

@NotJustMovies – Jake Cole: Hyper articulate and interesting.

@_jakemoore – Jake Moore: Cinematographer dood.

@TheMadMovieMan – AJ Hakari: Home media addict.

@MrBrandonMarcus – Brandon Marcus: Bruce Springsteen aficionado and wonderful editor.

@JoshBrunsting – Josh Brunsting: Badass film writer, unwavering in his opinion.

@Cinephile24 – Catherine: Librarian and lover of film. Fellow Nutmegger.

@CriterionRefs – David Blakeslee: Looking into the Eclipse. How he hasn’t gone blind, one will never know.

@FistfulofMedia – James McCormick: More like a fistful of awesome, amiright?

@ShootthePicture – Val Troutman: Fearlessly going through TSPDT list, also taking pictures.

@Kevin_Ketchum – Kevin Ketchum: Terrifying in his warmth, acumen, and insight. Also, funny.

@Kingbry7 – Bryan King: Lover of The Rock, Jason Statham, his dog Jude, fun times, and SOLARIS.

@RamblingFilm – Brittani Burnham: Blogs with the heart and the mind.

@LouLumenick – Lou Lemenick: Resident of many a DVD cover pull quote. Generous and clever.

@AndrewJPArker – Andrew Parker: Awesome writer guy fun.

@Lulamaybelle – Courney Howard: Reel vixen, pull quote queen.

@DialMforMovies – Rhett Bartlett: The one with the encyclopedic knowledge of Oscar and film history.

@MIsterPatches – Matt Patches: Film writer about town. Incredibly knowledgeable and fun guy. Also, good voice.

@MarkHarrisNYC – Mark Harris: That guy who wrote Pictures at a Revolution and is married to that other guy who wrote Angels in America. Brilliant chap.

@RailofTomorrow – Scott Nye: …is an awesome guy. Always fun to talk to.

@AspiringAuteur – Allie Levin

@LisaSchwarzbaum – Lisa Schwarzbaum

@JTabrys – Jason Tabrys: One hell of a Nerd Bastard.

@TPJost – Trevor Jost: It’s like he walked out of a silent film.

@JuneRevolver – June Vigants: Artist, punk rocker, incredible friend.

@ShiftingPersona – Alex Withrow: Filmmaker whose last short made me cry, so I hate him.

@MidMarauder – Midnight Marauder: Why he hasn’t been commissioned by Criterion yet, I will never know.

@JayIsANerd – Jay: For all of your queer theory/rant needs. Sweet, superb, funny.

@PBSIdeaChannel – PBS Idea Channel

@MikeRugnetta – Mike Rugnetta

@GayCinephile – Gay Cinephile: I feel like it was tailor made for me.

@ScottEWeinberg – Scott Weinberg

@kateyrich – Katey Rich: One time, I had a dream she yelled at me in a parking lot when I told her I hadn’t seen Pain and Gain. So, obviously, passionate with good taste.

@ProfessorMortis – Professor Mortis: So often there to tell me my embarrassing adventures are… still embarrassing, but not unusual.

@Dalton_Weaver – Dalton Weaver: My spirit animal.

@DeusExCinema – David Neary: Cine-Jesus.

@AlxHuls – Alexander Huls: One of my favorite people on Twitter for his generosity, warmth, and respectfulness.

@Criterion – The Criterion Collection: DUH.

@SV_films – Tyler: Kiwi cinephile extraordinaire!

@FalseMirror – Manny: Double Jesus!

@lady_sati – Margaret: Runner of literally the best designed blog I can think of.

@RuthElizabeth_R – Ruth

@AdromitusRex – Adam Moody: My spirit roommate!

@FyodorFish – Mel Valentin: Way too kind, way too talented.

@TheReaderFilm – Ryan Syrek: The best film live tweeter ever, I think.

@schmvngpctrs – Clayton Walter: Come for the amazing jaw line, stay for the fun film talk.

@mousterpiece – Josh Spiegel: Tireless Disney fan, and one of the smartest I know.

@fridgebuzznow – Destiny S.: Like the older sister I really, really wish I had instead of the one I currently am stuck with.

@DavidrqLiu – David Liu

@JoeMoore42 – Joe Moore

@werckmeisters – Andrew: Very intelligent, but his face was designed to kill me.

@ladybirrrd – Snow Siren

@dberga – Daniel Bergamini

@JacobQKnight – Jacob Knight: One of my very favorite writers. Absolutely unique perspective on film.

@JEffMcMahon – Jeff McMahon

@Parker_Scott – Parker Scott: My friends have a crush on him.

@LabuzaMovies – Peter Labuza: Behind his weirdly meme like persona (#Labuzed, #Leones, #WatchAfricanCinema) is one of the best writers out there. Incredible acumen, and very kind.

@Eggiweggs – Nick Lyons

@BaronRonan – Ronan Doyle: I am glad he exists. Bananas.

@FilmsLikeDreams – Lyzette: Lovely and wonderful, dry and perhaps self-deprecating.

@Sam_Moore1994 – Sam Moore: One of my favorite people ever. Deserves more credit than he gives himself.

@art_nerveux – Dev Richards

@ShiteMaterial – Jordan Peters

@PhilippeOstiguy – Philippe Ostiguy: HE IS SO BEAIUTIFUL I CAN’T.

@Christoph_Elena – Chris Elena

@LeoOlmos – Leo Olmos

@CoreyAtad – Corey Atad

@Skeltonia – Andrew Skelton: #Movoes lover

@TheCinemaDoctor – Drew Morton: Visual essayist extraordinaire!

@Brosef_Brady – Joe Brady: My best friend in the whole world.

@meliorism – Tyler Jones

@RickBurin – Rick Burin

@MattSinger – Matt Singer: The Man Behind the Dissolve

@MRBowers – M.R. Bowers: Apparently, my tears give him strength.

@dtuck318 – Daniel Tucker

@CGRunyon – Christopher Runyon: Soft face, best writing.

@1stTimeWatchers – FirstTimeWatchers

@Da7e – Da7e Gonzales

@DrWestAnthony – West Anthony

@astoehr – Andreas: #HairSwag

@SelfStyledSiren – Farran Nehme

@JaimeBurchardt – That Jaime Burchardt: Without a doubt, the kindest, swellest, most wonderful person on Twitter, sans smarm. The bestest.

@MovieMezzanine – Movie Mezzanine: One of the best film sites to read.

@DannyAston1 – Danny Aston: He has a think for Crank.

@Ted_SCheinman – Ted Scheinman

@karioutcb – Christopher Bell

@SpencerL – Spencer Lindenman: Really funny and cool guy.

@litrock – Matthew Marko: Like the mean older brother I never had!

@moviesbybowes – Danny Bowes

@Fantasmagorie_ – Putney Swole

@hillcake – Hilary Weston

@RianJohnson – Rian Johnson: Hey, that guy who did Brick, he’s pretty cool.

@ZHandlen – Zack Handlen

@SteveBruin – Steve Green

@LaraEckener – Lara Eckener

@CarolStopThis – Carol Lo: Waiting for her to be improv/sketch star. Will buy her coffee when that happens.

@RoadsideTweets – Roadside Attractions: They may be a film distributor, but man are they funny.

@MBartyzel – M Bartyzel

@30hertzrumble – James David Patrick: Like a guy with multiple personality disorder, but a Bond fan all the same.

@NathanDonarum – Nathan Donarum

@GWDelRossi – Glenn Del Rossi

@YABOYCHOMSKY – Ya Boy Noam Chomsky

@patrickmdunn – Patrick Dunn

@LCosgrove – Steve Carlson: I heard him screaming in analog in person once.

@JustinandStuff – Justin Micallef

@lurkey – S Vyzr

@katerbland – Kate Erbland

@GiulyStorm – Dances with Storms: Not an XKCD character.

@celluloidical – Celluloidical

@Bitchuation – Steven Soderbergh

@mattzollerseitz – Matt Zoller Seitz

@BilgeEbiri – Bilge Ebiri

@justlikecolin – Colin: There was a time when we despised each other, but now we both think the other is awesome.

@vexpoet – Racine England: Very passionate cineaste. Cool gal.

@007hertzrumble – #Bond_age: Hey James again!

@Doug_Tilley – Boner VIvant

@tylerfdvdtalk – Tyler Foster: The day he announces a Bringing Up Baby Blu-ray is the day I die.

This is the part where I hit “working on this for three hours, I give up”.

@highmaintncwife – Sarah Taylor: Absolutely sweet and frank and gorgeous.

@Power_Lloyd – Eric: The epitome of amazeballs.



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