Dream On: How The Social Network and Spring Breakers Define Generation Y and the New American Dream

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Why, YES, I *did* write about SPRING BREAKERS again.

The Moviola


I am going to make a pre-emptive statement, perhaps a pre-mature one at that: Spring Breakers is as “definitive” of “my generation” as The Social Network is. Both of them are keyed into a group of people defined so by their social context that you could not tell the exact same story with the same characters elsewhere. They are defined by the technology that surrounds them, the people that populate where they stay, and popular culture that proliferates before their eyes. And yet, while the films are specifically designed to apply to a certain time, the stories they tell are as universal and flexible as possible: the rise and fall of young people; more specifically young people whose economic and cultural stability is reliant on their success and failure. Though they are as contrasting as ever, their similarities are frighteningly apparent.

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