Month: September 2013

Not Just a Red Herring – The Political Subtext of Clue

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I took a look at one of my favorite films ever, CLUE, and its political subtext. I’ve been waiting to write this for years!

Woody Allen and His Two Worst, But Most Crucial, Films

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A piece for The Moviola on Woody Allen’s Anything Else and Hollywood Ending: two really bad films, but nonetheless important to understanding the filmmaker’s work as a whole.

Target Practice: You’re Next

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While I was in New York for the summer, I kept seeing posters of a figure wearing an animal mask. Coming from the suburbs, seeing that with the words “you’re next” scratched in as if a mental patient had done the work is sort of the last thing you want to see in a subway station at 2am. (I went to a lot of late movies, okay!) But I had heard a little about the film and its premier at  the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011. It looked fun. And, as a former horror enthusiast, I am generally up for fun horror films that at least play and tweak with genre conventions. Thankfully, You’re Next not only does that, but does so unconsciously. The point being, it’s enormous fun.

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