WALL·E, The Little Tramp, and The Great Stone Face

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This is a piece I did for The Moviola. Hope you enjoy.

The Moviola

WallE in the STars

He’s cute, a little timid, incredibly awkward, a bit of a hopeless romantic, and yet, you can see in his eyes, a lust for life. Who am I describing? Well, three people, or characters rather. One seemingly garnished with a bowler hat and moustache, one has a Great Stone face, and one is made of metal. But all three are clever creations in their own right. It is the last character, however, that I want to discuss. WALL·E, the titular character of Disney/Pixar’s computer animated gem, is often likened to the Little Tramp, the on screen persona of silent screen legend Charlie Chaplin. But I thought, Why Chaplin? Is he not an amalgamation of two of the silver screen’s greatest silent legends? So I thought, why not explore this a little more.

WALL·E, released in 2009, is the tale of a robot, or a Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth…

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