Day: January 23, 2013

Check out what could be my new film vlog!

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Watch it here!

Welcome to the first episode of CINEASTE MEETS WEST, what could potentially become a new bi-monthly vlog about films, film culture, and everything in between.

Hosted by Kyle Turner and Joe Brady, our adoration for the medium, and personal conversations, brought us to the conclusion that we should undoubtedly berate people with our opinions on the internet.

Please forgive the unpolished, unedited aspect of the first episode. We would like to gain some feedback as to what you, our audience, would like to see from us in the future.

In our first episode we:

  • Introduce ourselves
  • Give a little background as to how we came to love films
  • List our Five Favorite Films
  • Talk about the Oscars nominees, snubs and all
  • Talk about our Five Recent Favorites

So, please let us know what we can do to make your listening and viewing experience more interesting.

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Part 3:

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