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Lars von Trier has quickly become one of my five favorite directors. I should make a post about him… you know, once I finish watching all of his films (currently ten for sixteen!).

Southern Vision

This post is part of the LAMBs in the Directors Chair Event #28 on Lars von Trier. Read more here.

Lars von Trier, the controversial Dane who helmed such audience-dividing films as The Idiots and Antichrist, is the subject of this special post, in which I quickly review every single feature film he has ever directed, since I’m fortunate enough to have seen each one of them. All in all, he has directed fifteen feature films thus far (some of these made for TV), but how do they all hold up after critical analysis? Let’s start from the beginning.

Befrielsesbilleder (aka Images of a Relief)(1982): This genuinely disturbing prisoners-of-war film is more of an experiment than anything else for Lars von Trier. Available as a DVD extra or via YouTube, the film is only an hour long and doesn’t really make any sense at first…

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