Month: April 2012

2012 in Film: #78 – The King of Marvin Gardens

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2012 in Film: #78

The King of Marvin Gardens (1972) | Directed by Bob Rafelson

Grade: B-

Thoughts: The last film of the BBS era, the film is yet another character study about flawed people and the changes of political, social, and cinematic landscape of the times. It’s fine, but it is also kind overtrodden material. Jack Nicholson gives a fascinating performance as a shock jock, which allows him to give some great monologues in the film. Fine, but not great. (Nothing on Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces.)

2012 in Film: #77 – Anatomy of a Murder

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2012 in Film: #77

Anatomy of a Murder (1959) | Directed by Otto Preminger

Grade: A

Thoughts: I’m surprised, but I actually liked this film better than 12 Angry Men. But, honestly, the two aren’t terribly similar. Anyways, the dialogue here is hot and sizzling, and, despite the long running time, it is completely engrossing. James Stewart mixes his trademark “nice guy” persona with that of a morally ambiguous lawyer. Lee Remick looks absolutely gorgeous. And the score, by Duke Eillington, is just as sizzling as the courtroom drama itself.