2012 in Film: #84 – The Best and the Brightest

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2012 in Film: #84

The Best and the Brightest (2010) | Directed by Josh Shelov

Grade: C

Thoughts: It’s a shame that this movie has a good cast, and even a pretty good premise, because it’s not very good. Neil Patrick Harris and Bonnie Somerville play parents who move to New York and stupidly attempt to get their five year old daughter into kindergarten. In New York. Comedy ensues, as they try to weasel into getting into competitive private schools by scheming with Amy Sedaris. Here’s the main problem: the characters aren’t likable. They’re kind of self indulgent and it makes it hard for the audience to find redeeming factors, or even root for them. And Amy Sedaris is either disappointing or again it is the feeble script. What funny moments there are are brought to the screen by John Hodgman. Just a very messy, very disappointing comedy.


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