2012 in Film: #62 – Insignificance

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2012 in Film: #62

Insignificance (1985) | Directed by Nicolas Roeg

Grade: A

Thoughts: (I wasn’t terribly surprised, even by the title, that everything in every frame would be nothing of insignificance and that each minute, meticulously constructed detail would have some sort of semblance of meaning, even if indiscernible. What I was not expecting was for it to be so powerful, beautiful, and entertaining. Theresa Russel’s Actress is grating for the first five minutes, but her character becomes a riveting power house of emotion, while the rest of the cast is just as superb. And despite the conversations revolving around philosophy, science, fame, etc. it *doesn’t* come off as pretentious. It leaves a mark of honesty and yet remains totally enigmatic. It’s a mind blower of a film, honestly.

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