Rambling Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

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  • Best Pic: Glad Tree of Life snuck in there, but, as everyone else is lamenting, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close? Really?
  • Director: Yay Terrence Malick! Surprised no Spielberg. Yay Woody Allen! First nod in 18 years!
  • Actor: Surprised Demian Bichir got a nod. It’s this year’s Javier Bardem! Also surprised no Leo. Poor him. Also, yay Gary Oldman!!
  • Actress: Surprised with Rooney Mara and no Tilda Swinton. Sad face.
  • Supporting Actor: Nick Nolte? Surprising. Jonah Hill? sort of. Max von Sydow? Sort of. No Albert Brooks? Blasphemy!
  • Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain and Melissa McCarthy EFF YEAH!
  • Adapted Screenplay: Yay Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy! otherwise no surprises
  • Original Screenplay: YAY BRIDESMAIDS!
  • Animated Film: YAY RANGO! (totally called Cat in Paris, btw)
  • Cinematography: If Tree of Life does not win, I will shoot someone.
  • Sound Editing: YAY DRIVE. Boo, no other nominations for Drive. Where s Albert Brooks? damn.
  • Original Score: The Artist…looks like Kim Novak can suck it.
  • Original Song: only two nominations? I bet Juan is happy Muppets got a nod.
  • Documentary: I hated If a Tree Falls. Hope PINA wins.
  • do you think we’ll ever reach a time where they have a special 3D category?
  • other thoughts: disappointed with no Death Hallows 2 nods except tech categories. No Drive. No Melancholia. sad face. Really disappointed with no Lars von Trier nod and no Kirsten Dunst nod. At least she had Cannes. Also, no Fassbender for Shame. Very surprised, but I guess masturbation isn’t a thing the Academy likes. Or does. xD
  • also…FUK YEAH WOODY ALLEN. FOUR, count ‘em, FOUR nominations for my beloved Midnight in Paris. Best Picture, his first since 1986’s Hannah and Her Sisters, Best Director, first since 1994’s Bullets Over Broadway, Best Original Screenplay, first since 2005’s Match Point, and Best Art Direction! YES. My day has been made by this.

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