Oscar Predictions 2011

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Best Picture

Should Win: The Social Network

While feeling is all good and well for the excellent King’s Speech, the layered story of greed and betrayal in the digital age should take the prize for it’s relentless script, it’s powerful and astute characterizations and its relevant “social” commentary.

Will Win: the King’s Speech

I’m not actually sure who will win. The Social Network was the early favorite, taking every critic’s prize as well as the Golden Globe for Best Picture – Drama. But The King’s Speech swept the guild awards (Actors, Directors, Producers), a feat which has only been accomplished 6 times, and five of tem went on to win Best Pic. It depends on how the Academy votes: with their heads or with their hearts.

Best Actor

Should and Will Win: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

Rarely has there been such an eloquent, pained performance on the screen that inspires and evokes emotions of happiness, sympathy, and wonder. Firth’s King George VI is sure to take the prize, which will perhaps be a double win from Firth’s loss last year for Tom Ford’s A Single Man.

Best Actress

Should and Will Win: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

The extraordinary performance by Portman is sure to win, even beating Annette Bening’s in The Kids Are All Right. As the determined and eventually psychotic prima ballerina, Portman defies all expectations and allows the audience to descent into madness with her.

Best Supporting Actor

Should and Will Win: Christian Bale, The Fighter

Bale may have a mysterious persona, but his performance as the real guy behind the Fighter, Dicky Eklund shall take the prize, just like the one he failed to win in real life.

Best Supporting Actress

Should Win: Hailee Steinfield, True Grit

The young girl, in her first role no less, took on her character with gravitas and a no hold barred performance.  She may or may not pull a surprise win.

Will Win: Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Having swept the critics prizes and the SAG Awards and the Globes, Leo is probably going to win the award, if her self funded campaign doesn’t mar her chances.

Best Director

Should and Will Win: David Fincher, The Social Network

Considering the man has swept every award, except the Directors Guild, the man should definitely be confident tonight. His visual style is usually bombastic and almost cumbersome, but he controlled the film with nuance and power.

Best Orignal Screenplay

Will Win: David Siedler, The King’s Speech

The voters will probably go for the “true story”, “heart warming”, yada yada thing. But, truly, this film is nuanced and beaiitufl….though not enough to win Best Picture.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Should and Will Win: Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

The race is dubbed “Aaron Sorkin and the four screenplays that will lose to him”. The fast talking, brainy script will surely win.

Best Documentary Feature:  Exit Through the Gift Shop

Maybe they’ll vote for this just to see Banksy…

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3

Why bother even asking?

Best Foreign Language Film: In a Better World

And the rest of the races…

Documentary Short: Killing in the Name

Cinematography: Inception

Makeup: The Wolfman

Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland

Animated Short: Day & Night

Live Action Short: God of Love

Visual Effects: Inception

Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland

Film Editing: The Social Network

Sound Mixing and Sound Editing: Inception

Original Score: The Social Network

Original Song: “I See the Light”, Tangled


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