Day: July 22, 2010

Dry the Last Tear and Move On, by Asma Khan

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I asked a simple question

Hope in my eyes,

A dream in my heart,

All I was waiting for, was your answer


And that sent my world tumbling down

What could I do?        Challenging that answer was something that was out of the question.

I’m a daughter who doesn’t fight back, you see.       No after no after no.

It builds up inside.      Once in a while my heart        e    x    p    l    o    d    e    s.






But I have to put it back together.

It’s the only thing I can do.

I believe in living life to the fullest.

But you’re the ones who are forbidding me to live it at all.




I’m piecing it back together.  I won’t give up.  I’m going to find happiness.

There’s nothing that can bring me down.

I am determined to fill my life with love, with joy, with pulchritude.

To me, the meaning of it is not            breathing.

So many rules, so many boundaries.  Do you really think that having that many laws is a good thing?

Then you wonder why your daughter doesn’t tell.             Why so many daughters don’t tell.

Nothing can ever be in the open.


Sometimes, we just wish that they could live the life of another.

Have freedom at every corner

Not live the life of a sad mourner

Every door of my life is like a secret

An un-opened envelope

A well-written book.

Waiting to be




It’s all anyone wants.  To feel like you can fly away, and do anything your heart desires.  Make all of your dreams come true.

There are so many locks.

Unfortunately, you never open your eyes, because right in front of you

is the                            key.

Courtesy of Asma Khan.

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