“Saw”‘s the Thing

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  1. In a world of mindless horror movies, prominently the torture porn movies that are so viscerally disturbing, I can strangely say that there is one that actually has a message. Sure they’ve been extending and elongating their message for over 6 years, but they had one. And sure they were probably the most succesful in creating the torture porn craze in the first place, but at least they had a storyline. People, I’m talking about. SAW IV. Yes, as politicaly drievn as the film was, it actually. *gasp*, had a stpryline that, if you st through the previous enigmas that came before it, almost perfect sense. Not only that, but the movie had emotion. I big part of the emotion was the fact that it was so very driven by ethics, something that really was an runnin theme throughout the series, ut really powered through in the final installment.

    Does this mean that there’s going to be a change for the horror genre? Does that mean a fiture horror film, such maybe the failed remake of Ingmar Bergamn’s The Virgin Spring (Craven’s The Last House on the Left), can not only please gorehounds, but also please the people who look for story? My favorite torture porn film was the orginal that started it all, SAW. It made sense. It was chilling. It wa enigmatic. It was entertainin. And it was stylish. The sequels have lacked these elements (with the debatibe exception of SAW III), which made them simply more voyeuristic and stupider. The worst of these offenders were both SAW II and SAW V. The second film was merely a move on commercialism, and the fifth was just plain rutal, and worst of all (especially in a genre whenere they need you attention) dull. I hope to see a brand new future in the at of the overall horror movie. For now, we’ll have to settle for watching other fare.

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