Something “Evil” This Way Comes: Review for “Deliver Us From Evil”

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Evil. What is evil? Is it an act or a feeling? Is anyone truly evil? In an uncomfortable to watch documentary, Deliver Us From Evil gives us a good idea what a truly evil person might look, act, talk, and think like. The scariest thing is that that person was not only in a position of power, but also of trust. Father Oliver O’Grady sexually molested hundreds of children between 1973 and 2006. The documentary, part intervention and part interviews with the victim, creates an extremely disturbing portrait of what a person might have in his closet. Father O’ Grady, aging but still vigorous, talks about his evil beginnings quite calmly. His voice doesn’t tremble, his face doesn’t really scowl, his eyes don’t shed a tear. This, I think, is true evil. He talks of his crimes in a completely unremorseful tone of, not only voice, but also of character.  The film goes on to concentrate on three of his victims, each case which they have filed against him. The Catholic Church ignores the claims against the priest and goes on. Doubtful? The documentary also explores the cover ups. According to the film, the Catholic Church has spent over $10 million covering up claims of priests abusing children. While the film itself is extremely well made, it is not one to actually watch. It is disturbing, unsettling, and depressing. Amy Berg’s excellent film was nominated for Best Documentary in 2006 at the Academy Awards. An exceptional film not to be watched unless for informational use. However, if you plan to see Doubt with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, I do advise you watch the this full before you go see it. Facts before fiction.

Grade: A

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