Bringing Up “Baby”: Review for “Baby Mama”

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For  a while, during the mid 1990s, Saturday Night Live was going through a creative slump. It wasn’t until a young woman joined the writers that the show jumped back on top of the comedy ladder. She was the first female head writer of the long broadcast sketch show. When she joined the cast, SNL got even, if possible, better. Tina Fey is one of the greatest female comedians ever, up there with Lucille Ball. Her recent turn as Sarah Palin brought new meaning to the word “maverick” and made her skits a hit on the web. Her show 30 Rockis one of NBC’s highest rated shows, both critically and commercially. In Baby Mama, Fey plays high powered, career driven Kate Halbrook. She works at a brilliant company who manufactures health foods. She really wants a baby, but can’t make one. So what does she do? She hires a surrogate named Angie, a crass, rude redneck who wouldn’t know class if it jumped on her head and kicked her in the butt. And so goes this relationship between one uptight woman and one whose clothes are too tight. Amy Peohler is the other genius. She’s just as great on SNL as Tina Fey, with her spot on impressions and witty humor. This comedy is predictable but enjoyable enough. SNL alum Steve Martin co-stars as Fey’s New Age-centric boss, Barry. A cute comedy with frequent laughs and a fun storyline. Amy Poehler’s Angie is the epitome of white trash. She nails her role and not only does she (at first) make us want to throw tomatoes at her, but she also manages to bring some dimension to the role. Tina Fey is, as always, fantastic. Her uptight isn’t a parody of uptight or a mimic, but simply an interpretation. Both work great together, and they should, considering they did the “Weekend Update” sketch together for three weeks. I can’t go any further into the plot due to many a spoiler. All I can say is that, though and easily predicted finale, it does give the charatcers leverage. The film is written and directed by Michael McCullers.

Grade: B

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