Day: December 5, 2008

I, Robot: Review for “Wall-E” 3-Disc Special Edition DVD

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Pixar is honestly one of the most amazing studios ever. More amazing than MGM, more fantastic than Universal, and more exciting than 20th Century Fox. Not only because of the amazing visuals they provide for all of their films, but also because of their acclectic choices of films. Even though their is a small taste of a Pixar film in each, they’re all different and wonderfully so. Toy Story was an adult tale disguised as a kid’s film, with it’s catchy humor and great voices. A Bug’s Life was the second venture into computer animation and it was just as satisfying. With each new Pixar film, a new adventure was experienced by all audiences and pleasure is the feedback and reception the guys, like Brad Bird (director of The Incredibles and Ratatouille) and John Lasseter (directer of Toy Story and Cars), have been getting ever since. Wall-Eis the newest of the bunch. I was a little hesitant due to how fast the studio has been churning out films, great or otherwise (they’ve already got a new film planned for May 2009, UP). But with his wonderfully emotional binocular eyes, Wall-E warmed the hearts of virtually everone on the planet. Wall-E, a trash compacter whose job it is to clean up the mess we left on Earth 700 years ago, is very lonley and spens his time collecting trinkets he finds and watching Hello, Dolly!But his life turns around when a sleek probe named EVE lands to collect any vegetation. It’s nerd love at first sight. And that is what makes this film so amazing: love. as you can tell, I’m very sappy and an easy target for filmmakers out to make audiences cry. Even though its political message is a little strong for me, its fantastic characters and wonderful storyline make it worth it. The new DVD contains two discs in a , at first confusing, eco-friendly package. The first disc has that wonderfully cute and funny Presto. It also features the new, and equally funny short film BURN-E. There is also a fascinating documentary about Ben Burtt, who also did the sound effects for Star Wars, and how he created the sounds for Wall-E. The second disc has funny vignettes and a brilliant new documentary called The Pixar Story. It chronicles the studio from its humble beginnings at Lucasfilm to its blockbuster films like Cars. The third disc is one of my favorites. It has a DisneyFile Digital Copy which allows you to carry the entire film on your computer or your iPod. A truly amazing film, you can bet it’ll win for Oscar’s Best Animated Feature.

Film: A

Features: A

The Pixar Story: A-

Overall: A