Day: July 27, 2008

Take One: A Weekly Opinion: Audio Commentaries

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This week, I am introducing a new kind of post called “Take One”. Today, I am discussing audio commentaries that are featured on DVDs. Some audio commentaries I like; the ones that are made by intelligent sounding filmmakers and actors. Like the one provided on Across the Universe, which had director Julie Taymore and music producer Elliot Goldenthal discussing the film. Both were articulate and enjoyable to hear. Then there are commentaries that have  fun people offering tidbits, like the cast of The Office on the Season 2 and 3 DVDs. However, I have heard some bad commentaries before; Susan Stroman offered a dull commentary for the film adaptation of the 2001 musical The Producers. Not only is her voice unpleasant to hear, it also sounds like she is reading from a paper in a dull monotone. Please leave your opinons on audio commentaries in the comment box.