“List”-less Andventure: Review for “The Bucket List”

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PosterA billionaire and a mechanic become roommates when both become cancer stricken. During the time spent together in the room, the two become warm friends. The billionaire is played by Jack Nicholson; the mechanic is played by Morgan Freeman. When Carter (Freeman) makes a theoretical “bucket list” (list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”), Edward gets his hands on it and decides to make it a reality. Oh, the places they go, from China to Egypt, from Tokyo to Africa, and experience new things. From being complete strangers who share merely a room together, they become the best of friends. Jack is great as always. Morgan Freeman narrates the story with the same great voice that narrated March of the Penguins. The ending of the film is very surprising, but I won’t spoil it. A very sweet, maybe even bittersweet film. The film showcases the struggles of people with cancer, sometimes in a graphic way (surgery scene for both Freeman and Nicholson), but also in subtle ways (Freeman’s family worries about his health). Very good, but don’t be surprised if you have to grab a few Kleenex.

Grade: B+

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