Super-Zero: Review for “Hancock”

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PosterWill Smith is a very versatile actor, something which most definitely was shown in the 2006 drama The Pursuit of Happyness. He has become a secret agent/X-Files character (Men in Black), a Bad Boy cop, and an anchor of his own television show (The Fresh Prince of Belle Air).And now he is playing a super hero who needs help. He is supposed to be an awesome guy who helps everyone, but he’s a drunk who doesn’t do anything and causes more harm than good. He is always referred to as an a-hole, even by the people he saves. He rinks, he curses, ad he destroys property. But when a nice PR guy named Ray (Jason Bateman) decides to help this guy with his image, he actually changes. Hancock has no idea who he is, only that he has powers. The fact that he actually changes his image from punk to hero is kind of good. It seems these days that every movie has a morality message for the kids. Speaking of which, I don’t recommend this film for anyone under 12. Too much profanity for a supposed family film. It was pretty good. The CGI is very good. But some of the story doesn’t make that much sense. (He has a sister then a wife? Which one?) But overall, it was enjoyable.

Grade: B+

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