Pitch Problem: Review for "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

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In Alvin and the Chipmunks, Jason Lee (TV’s My Name Is Earl) stars as Dave Seville, a down on his luck singer-songwriter trying to make it big in the music biz. The head of the company, Ian Hawke (David Cross), is a particularly cruel and manipulative guy. A guy who would personify evil (evil as in “Greed is the root of all evil”). He barely gives Dave a chance. That night he hears a few voices of chipmunks talking. They just happen to be some of the most iconic animals in history. Alvin is the rebel, while Simon is the wise one, and little Theodore is the chubby one who indulges in food a little too much. It turns out they have great voices, which makes Dave realise that these animals could sing his songs. When he brings them to Ian, they get stage fright and Dave is ridiculed. These little scenes of over dramatic smypathy is what causes me to dislike the film. Ian becomes a manipulative, egotistical agent, while Dave whines. Though it may be fun for kids, there may be one too many squeaks for adults.
Grade: C

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