An Inconvinient Truth: Review for "Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who"

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Horton Hears a Who, the newest animated Seuss adaptation, stars Horton, a lovable, somewhat affable elephant, voiced by Jim Carry. He thinks he hears a tiny voice, but no one believes him. He protects this little spec, where he heard the voice, on a clover. It turns out that all of Whoville lives on this piece of dust, though not even the Whos realise this. The Mayor, voiced by Steve Carell, is a “boob”, according to his council colleagues. He has ninety-six daughters and one son, who dresses in dark gray, and channels today’s depressed misfit teens. The Mayor, who is part of a long line of “greats”, keeps trying to force his son, Jojo, into being the future mayor. But the Mayor realises that his village has very odd happenings every so often. He then realises, with the help of Horton, that if someone doesn’t get the spec to somewhere safe, the Whos will be in great danger. Among the villains trying to stop the rescue of the spec is Kangaroo, who is brilliantly played by Carol Burnett. She is the “President of the Jungle of Nool”. Her actions make her seem like the annoying woman in suburbia who yells at you for having 2 1/4 inches grass blades, when they are supposed to be 2 inches. The end of the film seems a little sluggish, though enjoyable. The speech that both Kangaroo and Horton make seem like versions of a global warming speech. The narrator supplies the verses from the story, which is marginally accurate. I really enjoyed each line and rhyme, I recommend this film if you want a good time!
Grade: A-

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