It’s Just Buzz: Review for "Bee Movie"

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I’m very sorry to say this, all you Seinfeldfans, but Jerry Seinfelds voice is boring. And it is this which caused me to dislike the film Bee Movie. Okay, fine, I didn’t dislike it, I just thought it could be better. Barry Benson (Seinfeld) is a happy bee getting to get a job in his enormous hive. He is shocked to find out that when you take a job, you keep it for the rest of your lie, with no days off. He decides o go out into the world to find new things. He then meets Renee Zellweger’s waxy looking character, Vanessa, a happy-go-lucky florist and defender of all God’s creatures. Barry becomes smitten with her and they embark on the most awkward “relationship” ever. When he sees that Ray Liotta has his own honey company, Barry sues the “human race” for stealing their honey. What follows are several puns and guest witnesses (including Sting, being interrogated by a bee on the use of his stage name). It is an odd premise for a film which seems too self conscious, as if it’s trying to make as many corny puns as possible while maintaining a script. The hypocritical part, in which Barry wins the case and the bees do nothing, thus making the flowers in the world wilt and die, is rather stupid. It seems the whole film was wasted on the case against the humans, while only in the last few minutes, Barry realises his folly. The film is cute enough, but the constant use of “b” and “bee” is irksome to the max.

Grade: (you guessed it) B


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