Surreal Killer: Review for "Mr. Brooks"

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This film, Mr. Brooks, is quite similar to American Psycho. Mr. Brooks (a very evil Kevin Costner) is an all American man, with a wife a nice daughter. But he hides something. He is a notorious serial killer, named the Thumb Print Killer, famous for p;utting the thumbprint of his victimes somewhere obvious. His alter ego, Marshall (William Hurt), controlls his urge to kill. He has an unstoppable obsession and arousel from killing. He has not been active until recently, when he kills a young couple. But a man (a misscast Dane Cook) witnesses the murders and blackmails him. He doesn’t ask for money…he asks to watch Mr. Brooks kill again. Now, the alter ego thing in this film does not work. He talks with Hurt as if no one were there. He talks out loud to him. Unconvincing, but if he either only imagined him in certain areas or if when he spoke with Marshall and someone looks at him and he says something like “It’s nothing.”. Dane Cook is really odd and his personality would, at first glace, work perfectly with the character, but just bombs. The cop tracking Mr. Brooks is played by Demi Moore. She is insignificant to the story, other than she’s been on the case before. The rest of what she does in the film is have arguments with her ex-husband, who she is divorcing, and get kidnapped by a completely different killer. I wonder why she’s in the film at all, or why she’s been given such a big credit. Mr. Brooks’ daughter (Disney princess Danielle Panabaker) is following in the footsteps of her father. She likes killing. A lot. This is an unconvincing “reality-is-not-really-reality” or “the-killer-next-door” film.

Grade: C

2 thoughts on “Surreal Killer: Review for "Mr. Brooks"

    Teri P said:
    January 16, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    Despite your C rating I might have to check this one out. Never saw a Kevin Costner I didn’t love- yes, even “Waterworld” Must be infatuation…
    this would be a good weekend to hook up for computer clean off/delivery/pictures, etc.
    Let me know.

    rots28 said:
    January 18, 2008 at 1:21 am

    I think this weekend is gonna be great! So, how do you like my NEW blog? I switched because yours was cooler, and it was easier to post pictures and whatnot. Be honest. Cya later!

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