Sautee Mix: Review for "Ratatouille"

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Pixar has been taking home rave reviews and awards since their first success, 1994’s Toy Story. The animation since then has gotten more precise and intricate. The latest in the Pixar lineup is the story of a rat who can cook. Now, if this were not a talking, friendly rat, I imagine a movie about cooking would be a bit harder to sell than super heroes (The Incredibles), race cars (Cars), or fish (Finding Nemo). But what you will find may surprise you. Remy (voiced wonderfully by The King of Queen‘s Patton Oswald) is a misfit rat who enjoys the rich and tasty world of fine dining. His problem is that he can’t really communicate well with humans. His idol is an Emeril-esque cook, Geustau (Brad Garret, Everybody Loves Raymond), who, now dead, accompanies Remy through his imagination. Linguini is Geustau’s unknown son and he needs a job. So, while working at his father’s restaurant, he becomes a mistaken celebrity chef, only helped by Remy. He gets “lessons” from Collette (Janine Garfalo). Like all Pixar films, this is mostly kid orientated. Brad Bird, who directed The Incredibles, writes and directs a great animated film. The animation is spectacular, every minute detail is stunning. Though not perfect, this film is a tasty dish.
Grade: B+

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