Day: December 21, 2007

Worst Movies of the Year

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It’s been an interesting year. There have been some great films and some real bombs. Here’s my list of the worst films this year.

3. Wild Hogs
This film was a very sad attempt on the midlife crisis film. Tim Allen was okay, but this film’s real LVP goes to William H. Macy. He’s a great actor, but this role just isn’t him. Grade: C-

2. Saw IV
If I had given a title to the less-gore-less-chills sequel, it would be How To Make a Bad Franchise Four Times Worse. The ending doesn’t make sense, there’s very little blood (gore hounds will be left wanting more. Waaaay more) The lessons are cruel and not as preachy. Horrible acting and Shawnee Smith (who plays Amanda) has almost no screen time. Grade: D-

1. License to Wed
Robin Williams needed more room. Mostly for improv. This is a hapless mess. Don’t bother with it. Grade: F