Strike and You’re Out!: News About Writer’s Strike

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The Writer’s Guild of America have gone on strike. Why? Because of, what else, but money. The writers last striked in 1988 because of the sucsess of VHS video tapes. They only got $.04 for each tape, while the producers rolled in cash. They walked out on November 5.This time, it’s streaming and downloading videos on the Internet. While you can watch CSI: for free on the CBS website, the producers are getting ad revenue for the banners on the page. The writers are getting…nada!! You can download streaming video while writers are working hard to create these shows and movies. So they’ve had enough and they want some of the profit. Right now, writers earn less than $100 thousand while producers earn about $20 million. No one knows how to get rich on the Internet right now, but the writers want to be prepared when someone really rakes in the cash. Who’s side are you on: the Writers’, the Executives and producers, don’t know, or don’t care? Please leave a comment and give your thoughts on the strike.


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