"Saw" It Be"4": Review for Saw IV

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The first film of the gore happy Saw series was relatively good. The second was disappointing. The third, hopeful yet seriously flawed. The fourth one, well…it may be the worst film of the series. Jigsaw “returns” to play more games with more victims. The very beginning of the film starts with Jigsaw’s dead body in the morgue and then two doctors performing an autopsy. They find a cassette tape (great…) revealing that Jigsaw’s work is not done. After finding where agent Kerry ( Dina Meyer) had been trapped, they learn that Amanda (Shawnee Smith, who has almost no screen time), Jigsaw’s (Tobin Bell) apprentice, couldn’t have put Kerry in the Angel Trap (see Saw III) and that it was someone else gasp!, someone heavier! Detective Rigg (Lyriq Bent), seen in the previous two movies, is being tested by Jigsaw because he has an “obsession” with saving people. What follows is a trip into the past with bad traps, very little scariness, and a badly written script. The acting is nothing special. The plot is really bad (we are led to believe that Jigsaw’s ex-wife is the one following his work. she isn’t.) and the twist ending doesn’t make sense (I mean it doesn’t make sense). This is very disappointing and save yourself from seeing it. It is not worth it. I would give a full synopsis, but it would spoil the entire movie. Grade: D+

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