Pretty Good Room Service: Review for 1408

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John Cusack is a good actor. In 1408, the new horror movie based on the Stephen King short story, he gives the performance of the year for horror movies (which, I guess, isn’t really sayng much, considering the acting mess that is Hostel and Saw). But the point is, that when he is trapped in the hell-bent room, his acting is soectacular and powerful. 1408 is about Mike Elinson (Cusak), a skeptical writer that researches haunted houses and basically debunks them. Among the famous Mote-hells is the Dolphin Hotel in New York. It’s not the actual hotell that’s evil, but it’s room 1408 that gives reason for 53 people to commit suicide in the room (est. 1952). Mike doesn’t take the dire warnings from the hotell’s manager, played brilliantly and maliciously by Samuel L. Jackson. It is said that no one can stay an hour in the room without commiting suicide. Mike ignores him and goes to the room…ad he’s fine. The first couple of minutes are completely normal, but the rest of the hour is one hell of a ride. But when the subject of his dead daughter and his estranged wife is brought up (by the room), you cand feel his pain; his need of someone he loved. Yet the room taunted him by giving him his daughter back, and then torturing him by having her die again. But there are parts that the cinematography is sometimes very cheesy. Also, there’s the cliche of him waking up to find none of it was true, then realize that he was still in the room the whole time. But other than that, it’s all pretty good.
Grade: B+
Stars: 3.5/5
Stars: 7/10

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