Bond Is Back In Action!: Review for the Ultimate James Bond Collection

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Sure, they’re trying to get your money, but for Bond fans of all sorts, the new box sets are completely worth it. In four volumes, the set contains 20 of the 21 Bond films. Volumes 1 & 2 were released November 7 as a tie in with Casino Royale. For Christmas, Volumes 3 & 4 were released in mid December. Each volume contains some of the best (and worst) of the Bond series. The menus, though somewhat repetitive and a little risque, are amazing. Each of the films are restored by the people who restored the Star Wars Trilogy. The picture is as clear as a beach in Dr. No, crisp and “sharp” in Goldfinger, as well as the others. The special features are amazing, featuring brand new, never before seen features and recycled features from the 2002-2003 release. One of the only reasons I got this collection is because of the artillery of new special features and the recycled old features. Each is enhanced with the best possible sound and picture quality ever before on DVD (documentary on process can be found in Volume 4, Dr. NoDisc 2). Each with 5.1 DTS Surround Sound. This is the greatest assembly of the Bond films ever released on DVD. The set also contains documentaries , screen tests, and photo galleries. Each film even features audio commentaries. The Roger Moore films have all new commentaries from none other than Roger Moore himself.  Overall: Grade: A Stars: 9.5 Films: Grade: B+ Stars: 7.5 Special Features: Grade: A+ Stars: 10 Picture and Sound Quality: Grade: A+++ Stars:15

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